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Posted: February 21 2017
Women's Tour to Greece

Women’s Greek Indulgence Tour – our private yacht in Santorini


'The girls' doing some shopping on the Isle of Capri

‘The girls’ doing some shopping on the Isle of Capri


The largest growing trend in small group tours at the moment is catering to a generation of women who, for whatever reason, find themselves without travelling partners. Maybe they are happily single, divorced, widowed or have husbands who just don’t like to travel. A few years ago there would have been no option but to join up with a tour catering mainly for couples. That was then, things have definitely changed.

Italian Indulgence, started out with all mixed tours and although we had a few women solo travellers on the tour, we were mostly filled with couples.

A few years ago, after dinner one night, accompanied by a glass or two of wine, it was a conversation with a couple of women on tour in Italy that started us thinking maybe it was about time we dedicated one tour, just for women.


Women's tours to Italy

Ciao Bella Women’s Tour to Italy – in Venice


The women had been on a several mixed tours and even though they felt they were always welcomed, sometimes they felt a bit of a ‘third wheel’ (actual words spoken).

They mentioned that it was fine during the day when everyone was busy sightseeing and preoccupied with activities but during the downtimes, the couples seemed to prefer the company of couples. As a result of this late night discussion, our Ciao Bella women’s tours to Italy were born, and have been a huge success. So successful in fact, they were soon followed by our women’s tours to Greece, Spain and Morocco.

We found that some of our past clients who had made friends on the tour in Italy wanted to experience something else together. Perfect for us – our business expanded.


women's tours

Ciao Bella Women’s Tour to Italy

So why else would women want to travel with other women?

After leading countless women’s tours (with many repeat clients) the one thing that stands out is that single women travellers really love the company of other women. Letting your hair down has a completely different meaning in female company.

Women open up easily with other women, without fear of being judged (any woman belonging to a book club knows exactly what I mean). It seems that after the first night’s dinner, a camaraderie develops quickly, and that doesn’t mean women all love to experience the same things. Some women love to shop while others love to experience culture, some come for the food, some history and there are even some adventurers, so it always seems that little subgroups form according to what interests.

In a group of all women there is always someone around to experience something that might not be on the itinerary or just to share a quick shopping trip, to climb those 500 steps to the top of the duomo or sit for a quiet glass of wine.

Not all women have travelled extensively before our women’s tours – maybe this is their first trip overseas. The decision to travel with a group is quite daunting but somehow knowing that the group is filled with women does make things a little more comforting.


So whether it’s in Italy, Greece, Spain or Morocco or anywhere else in the world, women really are…….’doing it for themselves’ and having a ball.

Italian Indulgence

Ciao Bella Women’s Tour to Italy
Women’s Greek Indulgence Tour
Hola, A Women’s Tour to Spain

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Our private tour to Italy was so well planned and turned out to be amazing.

Noela. C., Canberra. A Customised Tour to Italy

It was such a lovely holiday, great company and meticulously organised.

Janice. M , Sydney - Women's Tour to Greece

I also had a great time in Greece and wish I was looking forward to it instead of remembering it.

Bev G, South Australia - Women's Greek Indulgence Tour

It was such a pleasant change from the other tours we had done in the past.

Sharon and Dan, Adelaide

The guides were so informative and we feel as though we learned so much but it was not over the top.

Jeannie W, Bath, UK

We would never have found that fantastic ’agriturismo’ farm without your help

Julie F., London

We really did enjoy your tour AND your company and thank you once again for making it one of our highlights!

Geoff and Lesley, Sydney

Totally loved our women's tour to Greece.

Cheryl. H , Sydney

We had a great time on our Ciao Bella Tour.

K Andersen. Ciao Bella Tour to Italy, Perth

I would not change one thing of this fantastic experience.

Fiona W, Perth

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