Australians do not require a visa when travelling to Italy. If you are travelling under another passport it is your responsibility to check with the Italian consulate in your state

A moderate level of fitness is required when travelling in Italy. It is necessary to do quite a bit of walking to and from historic sites, mostly on cobbled stoned streets, which can be uneven. Tuscany and Amalfi can also be hilly. It is in your best interest to prepare for these walks and start the tour with a medium level of fitness. We can help with a suggested exercise regime, before the tour, to help you thoroughly enjoy your Italian experience – contact us. You should endeavour to be able to complete a walk of at least 2 kms at a reasonable pace.
If you are able to do the following without problems, then you probably have a medium level of fitness:
Walk for 2 kilometers, with stops, in warm conditions
Walk on uneven surfaces including cobbled stones
Walk 2 flights of stairs unassisted
Board buses, trains, taxis, ferries unassisted
Handle your own luggage when required

Most hotels will have porters to carry the luggage to your room however, when the tour involves train travel it is not always possible to have a porter and you will need to carry your luggage onto the train – your Tour Manager, will help if you need assistance but this is ultimately your responsibility.

Travel insurance is a requirement of our tours.

Complete the form on the website page – ‘Booking Information’- and read the Terms and Conditions. When this is completed and returned to us, we will contact you with further information and confirmation of your place on the tour. Your place on the tour will be guaranteed when the deposit of $1000 is paid and received by us. We will then ask you to complete an information sheet to be returned to us with any special requirements you may have.

The price given in the itinerary is for twin share accommodation. This is fine if you are travelling as a couple or two friends sharing, but unfortunately the single room cost is more expensive. We have found that hotels charge nearly the same whether it is for one person or two. We try to keep our single room cost to an absolute minimum. All rooms come with an ensuite, private bathroom.

In many cases it is possible to match up guests to share a room, we match people by age and gender. Nearly all sharing situations turn out remarkable well, but it’s always wise to bring a set of ear plugs.

In most cases, you will be given a single room for the single supplement. Some hotels only have double rooms so when booking you will told what the likelihood will be of a single or double room for single use in each location. You are however guaranteed a standard room with an ensuite.

It is possible to guarantee a double room but the single supplement cost will be higher. Please let us know if you only require a double room for single use. As all hotels in Italy/Greece are different, and very few purpose built, it is impossible for us to guarantee that all the rooms will be uniform. Nearly all the hotels we use are not purpose built, they are older buildings that have been converted into hotels.  This way we can stay right in the the centre of where we are visiting.  Please understand that it is beyond our control if someone else has a larger/better/prettier room.  We do not allocate the rooms, that is up to the hotels and it is impossible for us to change the rooms.  

We can help to choose hotels, either in the same hotel as the tour, or something different. We are associated with several excellent travel agents who can organise flights, cruises and all your additional travel needs. Contact us for more information.

If you are sharing a room with a friend, please be aware that in some hotels the second bed will be either a single, smaller bed or a sofa bed. Usually in a twin room there will be two single beds.

Touring with a group is great fun with many friendships continuing after the tour – restaurant time is thoroughly enjoyable, but at times, we have found that people like to do their own discovery, or just have an early night after a busy day exploring. On the nights where dinner is not included, and you would like some guidance, or even some company, we will certainly give you help in choosing the right dining option.

Tipping guides, waiters, drivers etc, is covered by the Tour Manager and included in your tour. However, if you would like to tip others ie., the house maid, this is entirely discretionary.

– meals not specified in the itinerary – this cost varies on how you wish to dine. A ‘lunch’ could be a delicious and fresh focaccia made in a wood fired oven or an aromatic slice of pizza eaten on the steps of an ancient building, or a healthy salad in a sidewalk café.
These costs will vary but will certainly not be extravagant.
– entrances not stipulated in the itinerary (all galleries mentioned in the itinerary, when accompanied by a tour guide will be covered).
– items of a personal nature.

You will stay in hotels that are 3 and 4 star and have been checked personally by us. We look for hotels in the historical centres that are comfortable, charming, provide good service, have private bathrooms and are close to the restaurants and monuments we will visit. Within the hotel, rooms can also be of varying quality and style and this will be beyond our control to change. Our guarantee is that each room will be the minimum standard of room.  

As most of the hotels are not ‘Hyatt or Sheraton’ type purpose built hotels, nearly every room will be different.  Some will be smaller and some larger and bathrooms will also vary.  If you are lucky enough to have a larger room in a particular hotel, it might not be ‘delicate’ to let everyone else know.

All rooms with have an ensuite, a private bathroom, with either a shower and bath, or just a shower.

If you think it might be a problem to have a shower over a bath, please let us know asap.  We will do our best to accommodate this with the hotel but cannot guarantee that you will have a separate shower and bath.

In Europe hotels vary in quality from Australia and America, rooms are usually smaller and do not have coffee making facilities, sometimes the shower is over the bath.

We look for the more boutique hotels rather than sterile chains.

We have a maximum of 14 people – we feel this is just the right number to move around Italy without the drawbacks of a larger group.

We will forward a comprehensive list of what is suitable for Italy sooner to the time. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must! Runners are good of course, although some prefer something a little more stylish. Other comfortable and casual shoes ie “Wonders”, “Sketchers”, “Merrell” – these are good options for women.

Authentic food and wine is integral to your ‘Indulgence’ experience. We always try to find excellent quality restaurants that reflect the area we are visiting. Some might be tiny family run establishments and others bigger and well known. Italy has wonderful regional cuisine and this can vary from town to town. Our restaurants have been thoroughly checked by our guides and are chosen for great quality, service and atmosphere. Included dinners include a glass of wine, water and coffee. Occasionally the quality of restaurants will vary and can change, but we try to keep up to date with the standards and alter arrangements if need be.

We allow one suitcase per person and one very small carry on bag (the size of a backpack).  We travel in small minibuses and do not have room for more than one bag per person.

We are sure that very few people return from a holiday and wish they had packed more. You will need a suitcase with wheels and this should not be oversized – we suggest a sturdy bag of approx 50 X 70 cms. (We understand if your bag is bigger than this but you should always aim to have a medium size bag and not a large bag). Airline restrictions on baggage vary but usually 20 kg in economy. Excess baggage costs are very expensive and are your responsibility.

You will receive your documents approximately 4 weeks before the start of the tour. This comprehensive pre tour package will include all the necessary information to start your tour.

Most of our tours will have an Italian Indulgence Tour Director or Manager, the smaller tours will have an Italian Indulgence guide/driver who will accompany the tour along with local and registered guides in most towns and cities who are experts in their fields – history, wine, architecture etc.

We need to confirm all details of the itinerary before we send them on. Sometimes, it is necessary to change small details and we want you to have all the correct information at your disposal.

Our itineraries are carefully planned and well thought out but touring Italy can sometimes offer wonderful surprises. The magic of travelling in such a small group allows us to cater for this spontaneity and it is sometimes these unplanned occurrences that can be the most memorable.

Occasionally it might be necessary to change times or days of quoted activities if unusual circumstances arise ie, the Vatican may have shorter lines in the afternoon on certain days.

Usually no.  Italians prefer to go to a ’bar’ to have their coffee (or have coffee at home).  Hotels usually do not provide this service and should not be expected.



The biggest highlight was the yacht sailing and swimming in the beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Jenny G , Brisbane - Greek Indulgence Tour

Thanks so much for organising such a memorable holiday.

Alan and Carmel, Melbourne

Totally loved our women's tour to Greece.

Cheryl. H , Sydney

I also had a great time in Greece and wish I was looking forward to it instead of remembering it.

Bev G, South Australia - Women's Greek Indulgence Tour

I have never done a holiday in my life before but finding this tour...I was blessed.

Kerryn K, Perth

Greece should be on your list - just do it.

Robyn P. Women's Tour to Greece, Melbourne

It was more than I ever expected.

Tina N, Texas US - Ciao Bella Tour to Italy

It was such a lovely holiday, great company and meticulously organised.

Janice. M , Sydney - Women's Tour to Greece

Italy was an exciting,memorable adventure with all the extras of beautiful hotels, fabulous positions, superb meals and lots of laughs.

Louise. M. , Melbourne

Cannot recommend this trip highly enough.

Yvonne F , Sydney Ciao Bella Tour for Women

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